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It's the disappointment that comes from letting another person into your life, into the deepest parts of yourself, and then, in some cases quite suddenly, being discarded.Moreover, even if you are the one who decides not to proceed with such a relationship, there is a unique sense of loneliness that comes when you realize that you have deeply invested in a person, and now you will in all likelihood never speak to—nor have any contact whatsoever with—that person for the rest of your life.

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In this context, it's easy to say you're waiting for God to work, but in reality you believe that you are making things happen.When I reviewed profiles, I found myself thinking of each and every potential match as the perfect person for me until I found evidence to the contrary. Part of it, I'm sure, is that the internet dating medium lends itself to the presentation of the very best version of a person.This is noteworthy because I don't think it is the way I approach other realms of life. But for some reason when I reviewed all those profiles (and I reviewed a lot of profiles), I thought each one could be the one . But whatever the reason, through this experience, I eventually learned to put more stock in the evaluation techniques that work well in normal life.And about that time, I met my wife (who turned out to be every bit as wonderful as I always thought she was).When dating is initiated through most internet sites, it differs from normal dating in at least one important respect: you start out knowing a great deal about the person you are dating.Of course, I hope what you've read so far shows you that this kind of thinking gets you nowhere.

Online dating is a beautiful expression of, and by no means a replacement for, God's sovereignty.

If you're a guy, you have probably considered how the girl's first name would sound with your last name.

All this happens before you ever meet in that restaurant for lunch (lunch is always a good place to start).

During that year and a half, I was thwarted by my own unrealistic expectations.

And I fell short of others' unrealistic expectations.

I firmly believe I would have fallen in love with my wife no matter where we met. In the fullness of time, out of the overflow of his mercy, God was pleased to bring it about.