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He should put aside those demands and do his job to work toward a budget without preconditions.

We urge the Attorney General to reconsider this filing and pledge to do all we can to defend employee pay.”“The recent court filing from Attorney General Lisa Madigan can only be described as putting politics over people.Attorney General Lisa Madigan should immediately denounce these hardball political tactics and stand with state employees and those who rely on state services.” The timing of the Attorney General’s action is questionable in light of the current attempts to resolve the budget impasse.This decision clearly undermines the legislature’s duty to negotiate a bipartisan solution A clause tucked into one of the executive orders President Donald Trump signed yesterday on illegal immigration could create a first-class headache for Gov. The clause—see Section 7 of the order at the bottom of this link—seeks to supercharge an existing program in which state and local law enforcement officials effectively become deputy federal agents, authorized “to perform the functions of immigration officers in relation to the investigation, apprehension or detention of aliens in the United States.” The program comes with funding, and its intention as expressed in Trump’s executive order is quite clear: “enforcing federal immigration laws for that jurisdiction.” Now, Rauner has taken great care to put and keep distance between himself and Trump.Meanwhile, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in a lawsuit brought by AFSCME the state did not have to pay raises outlined in the last enacted bargaining agreement because the Legislature did not give state agencies the appropriation authority. With a new legislative session now underway, this is an appropriate time to ask the Circuit Court to reconsider this order in light of the changes in the law.”It has always been our goal to allow the executive and legislative branches to do their job without further litigation.The AG is essentially bringing the higher court’s ruling into the St. While the stopgap budget was in place, it was our hope that the Governor and Legislature would continue to work to enact a full fiscal year budget. But when the state started fiscal year 2016 without a budget, the agencies could not send their payroll to the Comptroller. Clair County Court, which ordered state employees be paid even though there were not budget lines for it. Clair County Court’s order to allow state operations to continue without an appropriation.

Clair County Circuit Court by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan requests the dissolution of previous orders allowing payment of regular wages to state employees despite the absent appropriation authority. …Adding…For those who need a little background: Normally, state agencies send payroll vouchers to the Comptroller citing specific budget lines (appropriations). However, during this long impasse, the Illinois Supreme Court overruled the sole legal basis for the St.As previously reported, his administration wrote an unusual letter to congressional leaders urging them to go slow and be careful in revamping Obamacare and Medicaid, and he’s opposed sending the National Guard to Chicago to fight crime, as Trump has seemed to suggest.But few things fire up the GOP’s conservative base as much as moving to boot “illegals.” And Rauner will need the support of such folks in his 2018 campaign.The legislation passed the Illinois House with 79 votes.Mc Sweeney said studies continue to show the ineffectiveness of red light cameras to improve public safety.The last thing Illinois needs is the further instability that blocking state payroll could cause.

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    Brian Sandoval today released budget data that had been sought by state lawmakers after a weeks-long disagreement over whether the information was public.