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Sometimes as a renter you're given the extra challenge of working around what you cannot change, like an outdoor deck banister installed on an inside staircase.

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Though their home may not mimic a catalog, and some things are still a work-in-progress (ie.Name: Mike Rugnetta & Molly Templeton Location: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn NY Size: 1,350 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years; rented Molly Templeton is better known as her internet personality Mememolly, and Mike Rugnetta is a composer, programmer and performer who hosts PBS's web series Idea Channel.This ultra media-savvy duo are often busy at work (so busy that Mike had to miss the portrait shot), so when they retreat back home they want their place to feel playful and fun.Thanks Mike & Molly for a peek into your home, and best of luck with your future decor projects!For further sharing, you can find Mike on rugnetta.com, and Molly on twitter @mememolly & Tumblr mememolly. Inspiration: Internet culture, Rookie Magazine, Apartment Therapy.These four gals bring a combined 1.2 million You Tube subscribers to the table along with a wealth of romantic knowledge, which is conveniently broken down into four categories: Pre-date, what to do on a date, what NOT to do on a date, and how to follow up afterward.

All four videos can be accessed from an introductory video featuring Okay Nate, who serves as the everyman male lead.

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The variety allows us guys to be assured that we are getting a general female perspective.

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    Like others have said, the music was a step forward.

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    The California native added that they've "talked about" getting married but have no firm plans in place.

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    We all share a common bond which can be considered taboo (furries), so we feel more comfortable being open about things like sexuality and gender identity because of that bond.

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    The new study, titled "Highly siderophile elements in Earth’s mantle as a clock for the Moon-forming impact” and appearing in the April 3, 2014, issue of journal Nature, combines computer simulations with measurements of siderophile, or "iron loving," elements found in the Earth's mantle.