Validating xml using xsd in c

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Validating xml using xsd in c - datingsunderland com

(To learn more about XML Schema, you can review the online tutorial, XML Schema Part 0: Primer.At the end of this section, you will also learn how to use an XML Schema definition to validate a document that contains elements from multiple namespaces.

When the read Xml file is loaded to the Xml Document, the Xml Reader object is passed which contain the Xml Reader Settings as well.

(You will see how to deal with multiple namespaces in the next section.) You can also specify the schema file in the application, which is the case for Here, too, there are mechanisms at your disposal that will let you specify multiple schemas. Namespaces let you combine elements that serve different purposes in the same document without having to worry about overlapping names.

Note - The material discussed in this section also applies to validating when using the SAX parser.

Now that the program is ready to validate with an XML Schema definition, it is necessary only to ensure that the XML document is associated with (at least) one.

There are two ways to do that: , which stands for "XML Schema instance." The second line specifies the schema to use for elements in the document that do not have a namespace prefix-that is, for the elements you typically define in any simple, uncomplicated XML document.

You also set a factory attribute to specify the parser language to use.

(For SAX parsing, on the other hand, you set a property on the parser generated by the factory).In this method, we have declared two string variables to hold path of Xml and Xsd file respectively. We set the Validation Type to schema for this object.The schema file is read from the specified path using Xml Reader class's create method.Finally the result is added to View Bag and View is rendered.The Validate XMLUsing XSD() method validates the Xml file against Xsd file.So Xml file is validated against Xsd while loading.