Validating schema c

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For author convienence, there are some exceptions: Validation keywords in a schema impose requirements for successfully validating an instance.

It uses the term "children instances" to refer to array elements or object member values.

These criteria are asserted by using keywords described in this specification.

In addition, a set of keywords is also defined to assist in interactive, user interface instance generation.

In some cases, this no-op behavior is identical to a keyword that exists with certain values, and these values are noted where known.

Validation keywords typically operate independent of each other, without affecting each other.

If the instance is a number, boolean, null, array, or object, the keyword passes validation.

Validation keywords that are missing never restrict validation.

When the primitive type of the instance is not of the type targeted by the keyword, the validation succeeds.

For example, the "max Length" keyword will only restrict certain strings (that are too long) from being valid.

It should be noted that the nul character (\u0000) is valid in a JSON string.

An instance to validate may contain a string value with this character, regardless of the ability of the underlying programming language to deal with such data.

If "exclusive Maximum" is false (or not specified), then a numeric instance MAY be equal to the value of "maximum".

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