Updating db from xml

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Additional database functions exist for performing updates on document and database level.If an updating function item is called, the function call must be prefixed with the keyword .

Prerequisites: the reader is presumed to have some acquaintance with XML Query and its (or contents) of the same node.

The ability to retrieve relational database data and render it as XML is a powerful feature used to tap into your enterprise data resources.

Watch and learn how easy it is to define relational-to-XML mappings for getting XML out of relational data and updating relational databases from XML using industry-standard SQL/XML extensions and Stylus Studio's DB-to-XML data-source editor.

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This article aims to provide a very quick and basic introduction to the XQUF.

Therefore a simple "store" or "put" function, applied to the result of such transformation, could seem sufficient to achieve any kind of database update operation. In practice this would be neither very natural, convenient, nor very efficient (such an approach requires storing back the whole document and makes optimizing very difficult).

So as we will see the little complexity added by XQuery Update seems quite worth the effort.

The XQuery Update Facility is a relatively small extension of the XQuery language which provides convenient means of modifying XML documents or data.

As of March 14, 2008, the XQuery Update Facility specification has become a "Candidate Recommendation", which means it is now pretty stable. The answer seems obvious, yet after all the XQuery language itself - or its cousin XSLT2 - is powerful enough to write any transformation of an XML tree.

Several modifiers are available to specify the exact insert location: insert into as first/as last, insert before/after and insert into.

Note: in most cases, as last and after will be evaluated faster than as first and before!

An updating expression returns only a Pending Update List (PUL) as a result which is subsequently applied to addressed databases and DOM nodes.

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