Tweetdeck validating problem

10-Sep-2015 10:32 by 6 Comments

Tweetdeck validating problem

I have updated flash, and air, and reinstalled Tweet Deck, and I get the same problem.I have Tweet Deck for Google Chrome and I always use it.

Twitter sends an email notification when you are invited to join a team account and when someone is invited to be on the team for one of your accounts.

If there is a user showing in the list who should not have access, click Change role next to the user and select Remove from team.

This will revoke access for that user in Tweet Deck. If you also own a sub-account, validate it again by clicking Add new account at the bottom of the accounts list, and enter the username and password.

With Twitter, you can end up with thousands of followers and the need to send out multiple tweets, or messages, a day.

Different programs, such as Tweet Deck, help you manage those tweets and retweets by giving you an option to schedule tweets in the future.

Although this option can make twittering easier, Tweet Deck does have some scheduling errors you may have to deal with.

Tweet Deck’s teams feature allows multiple people to share a Twitter account without having to share the password.

”You cannot schedule updates for accounts that are not yours” Crap For some reason, Tweetdeck was not able to recognize that I had registered for an account and that it should validate both of the accounts I am running on Tweetdeck at work. After realizing that Tweetdeck help did not answer my question, I queried Google again and found that this is a known problem.

It’s at least nice to know that I am not the only one that this is an issue for!

We think that this is an important notification about your team, so there is no unsubscribe option for them. The user may have privacy settings enabled that prevents them from being added to a team.

If you wish to stop receiving “you’ve been invited” email notifications, you can change your settings to adjust who can invite you to a team by visiting your Security and privacy settings on Talk to the team member to check whether this is the case.

I quickly ran into the issue of not being able to set automatic updates. I have been using Tweetdeck for about a week now at work.

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