The dating game walkthrough

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The dating game walkthrough

After arriving there, she learns that her predecessor has died in mysterious circumstances and many people are interested in the 17th century chest that he was researching, with count Saint-Germain among them.

During the second one Sylvie can die, but the game will automatically save.

You move following an arrow-shaped pointer, a big arrow indicates a new location.

The items which you can use or interact with are marked with a hand pointer and those at which you can only look - with an eye.

On that subject, the only way Jason lives is if you to save Jason from death.

This latter option also works if your strength is 20 or greater and dexterity is 25 or greater.

Rarely will you have to do something with the object while in zoom mode.

At the lower right corner of the screen there is a question mark whish reveals all the important items and passages in a given location.

The items which should land in your inventory are marked .

There are two moments in the game during which you have a time limit.

Part IV opens with two strangers requesting admittance to the Cathedral.

Dealing with them uncovers their backstory, and you do have a chance to kill them both if you wish to lower your humanity. It’s called Zombie Exodus; there should be zombies!

Each scene gives multiple options for available missions, improvements, or interactions.

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