Six lieve chat jasmin

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Six lieve chat jasmin

However the set and location of the bar has changed multiple times, most of the time explained within story.

The February transition to weekly broadcasting did not bring the number of viewers they had expected.In 2006, Pay-TV network Passion began broadcasting episodes of the show from the beginning.Verbotene Liebe was initially based on original story and character outlines from the Australian soap opera Sons and Daughters, before evolving into a show of its own as the series progressed.Clarissa von Anstetten becomes popular as Jan and Julia's conniving mother, earning her an unofficial title as the German Alexis Colby.(Interestingly, the "real" Alexis Colby, Joan Collins, had a brief recurring role as Lady Joan on Verbotene Liebe in 2010.) Tanja von Anstetten, too, soon rises to fame for being a murderous vixen.Verbotene Liebe was previously produced in the studios of WDR.

The biggest build stage is the LCL set over three floors.

Other common settings are various penthouses, flat shares and offices over the years.

Since 2011 the show is mainly set in fashion with the fictional fashion brand LCL and since 2010, the Media Harbor Düsseldorf is used for most on-location shoots.

The show is produced in the Magic Media Company studios in Cologne's borough Ossendorf since 2003.

The same studios are also the home of Alles was zählt.

While the location of Friednau Castle was abandoned in 2001 and followed by the short-lived location of Schönberg Manor and eventually Königsbrunn Castle, the Brandner home stayed with the show as a permanent location beyond the show's 15th anniversary.