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For help with channel-related matters, try typing /chanserv help in the chat. ), but if you want to learn more, try one of these sites: Chat Staff felt that it would improve the chatroom and make members of the chat more comfortable with being on the server.

Finally there are voices, indicated by a yellow dot, or in m IRC. These are able to kick, kill and ban as well as do other more technical things to do with the server and chat itself. A green dot, or @ if using m IRC shows an IRC Operator or network administrator.You can also use an irc command to perform the above, and other actions, such as 'finger' which tells you how long someone has been idle. Supposedly, /ctcp yourname clientinfo will list the ctcp commands you can do.Just type /CTCP user command, where 'user' is whom you want to perform the command on, and 'command' is your desired action. For more help on CTCP try m IRC or XChats help files. When you join chat you will arrive in #lobby, our main channel where most of the action happens.

All ops in #lobby are network administrators, but there can also be local IRC operators who only have that status in one room, with no influence on chat as a whole. However, 'spamming, flooding or other stupid acts are not permitted'. Remember all channel names start with # Chat is quite an open, tolerant and friendly place.These have no real power,but if the room was set to 'moderated' they would be able to talk whereas normal users could not.People still like to have it though because it makes them feel important... It allows you to perform various actions relating to another person.If this was to happen again unregistered users would be unable to enter Chat.