Scammer eesti

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In English, if it suits you,» recalls Mati, thinking back to the email content.

Now, my project on the job is completed and I moved back to Holland.

To check the gut feeling, he inquired at the German embassy about the laws and was told a hundred percent advance payment was only required with cars coming from outside the EU.

«After that, we send some letters back and forth, and now there is silence for a month already,» says Mati.

Soon, Mati got an email from the Tilburg firm saying they were ready to send the Audi on a trailer into Estonia. «The amount would lie on the company account as deposit till I have gotten acquainted with the vehicle.

For that, they promised me seven days in Estonia,» says Mati.

He fears he just lost the €2,000 but wants the others to know: «People, watch out! This is far more advanced than some letters from Nigeria.» The cheat’s initial letter to victim Hello, First let me apologise for the late answer, but I was having a very busy time at work.

I do not speak Estonian and I hope you understand that’s the reason I’m sending a translated email.«If I’m not satisfied with the car, it would be transported back to Holland at the expense of seller and I’d get the advance payment back to the penny.» The e-mail even featured the tracking number, allowing monitoring the movement of the consignment.«Well I did enter the number in their website over the Internet and it said the car was not in their warehouse yet but the order had been entered,» recalls Mati. The advance payment invoice sent to him indeed carried the requisite information of a bank in Ireland, and the name of an unknown person, but Mati assumed a Dutch company doing international car business could surely have a bank account also in Ireland. A week later, on a Sunday night, Mati got a letter from the Tilburg car company that the Audi he desired was stuck in German customs.We have reported these incidents to the relevant authorities and have taken positive steps to try to prevent further incidents occurring.There are, however, other types of fraud and scams which are used, with new ones being devised by the criminals regularly.If you speak English, please answer in that language.