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Some species, such as water striders, are capable of walking on the surface of water.Insects are mostly solitary, but some, such as certain bees, ants and termites, are social and live in large, well-organized colonies.

The higher level relationship of the Hexapoda is unclear.Fossilized insects of enormous size have been found from the Paleozoic Era, including giant dragonflies with wingspans of 55 to 70 cm (22–28 in).The most diverse insect groups appear to have coevolved with flowering plants.Everything is homemade and fresh, with an emphasis on sustainable sources.Whether it's a casual encounter with our famous Rockstar Roast Beef Sub, or getting serious with perfect steaks and seafood, the Rock House is solid.Insects are the only invertebrates to have evolved flight.

Many insects spend at least part of their lives under water, with larval adaptations that include gills, and some adult insects are aquatic and have adaptations for swimming.

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