Online dating the technology behind the attraction

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Online dating the technology behind the attraction

S&LF: Does the matchmaking service use any other information for pairing aside from just genetic make-up? Love is quite complicated and while genetic make-up is part of the equation, many other factors are important for love.

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Those who are skeptical can try it without risk and decide for themselves if the test worked.

Instant Chemistry: No, because love is so complex, two people could be very compatible genetically and psychologically, but not compatible on all of the other factors important for love.

For example, a 20 year old could be highly compatible with an 80 year old, but this relationship is very likely to be unsuccessful because of the age difference.

We know that love is more complicated than just genetics and that this test needs to be used in combination with traditional matching techniques.

There is also so much science being done about relationships that adding additional tests, such as the relationship satisfaction test and psychological test offered by Instant Chemistry, will always continue to improve the technology.

S&LF: The basis for genetic compatibility relies largely on traits for successful reproduction.

Should people who don’t want to have children still try to find love through Instant Chemistry?Instant Chemistry: The biggest improvement in DNA matchmaking is that Instant Chemistry works with matchmakers and online dating sites.Other DNA matchmaking sites try to be the matchmaker.The genetic component is an added feature to help matchmakers or their online dating site figure out important questions like chemistry, personality compatibility and long-term relationship success.S&LF: Does genetic predisposition for sexual attraction and mating necessarily guarantee love?The information a new couple can discover or singles who are considering a long-term relationship will provide extremely important and valuable information in order for them to better understand the dynamic of their relationship.