German dating and marriage customs

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German dating and marriage customs

Because it is not legal to have only a church ceremony, the couple will have already been legally married by a Standesbeamte. Brides often carry salt and bread as an omen for good harvests and the groom carries grain for wealth and good fortune.Before the wedding the bride's possessions are transported to her new home.

You can read how this interesting German tradition began here.Other drivers on the route honk their horns in return to wish the newlyweds good luck in their marriage.The first dance is danced by the bride and groom and is traditionally a waltz.Guests accept by pinning one of the ribbons to the Hochzeitslader hat and by offering a drink or two at each stop. Another tradition is for the bride to collect pennies for years to pay for her wedding shoes in which to insure that the marriage "gets off" on the right foot.Should the invited guests be numerous and the Hochzeitslader be of the nature to accept the offered drinks he may need a day or two to complete his duties! The bride's mother would place some dill and salt in her daughter's right shoe.Of course learning German wasn’t the easiest task I’ve ever accomplished.

I made tons of mistakes and have said some pretty embarrassing things along the way.Some weeks before the wedding the groom and his male friends go to a Kneipe (pub) to drink and have fun for his last time as a single man. Another old Bavarian tradition occurs right after the church ceremony.At a party on the evening before the wedding plates and dishes are smashed to scare off evil spirits. When the couple exits the Church there is a log on a sawhorse and the couple has to cut the log in half!The pewter or crystal cup is in a form of a maiden holding above her head a small cup.Both ends of the cup (the bride's skirt and the top cup) are filled with champagne or wine and the bride and groom drink their first toast from this cup together at the same time signifying their union as one.This is to symbolize the first tough tasks of their future they can accomplish together.

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