Error validating the default for column newsequentialid

11-Mar-2016 18:10 by 5 Comments

Error validating the default for column newsequentialid

How will the express subscriber initiate a synch without the agent?I saw some talk about WMI but couldn't find any details or examples.

I have recently received this question from different sources, so I think it’s worth documenting why some people still see validation error for the default value of a column when it’s defined as a NEWSEQUENTIALID() built-in.If that’s the only type of error you have, saving the altered schema will succeed.Another typical scenario is that where the user opens in the designer a given table in which a given column’s default had already been set to newsequentialid() and on a later visit to the design view, they try to, for example, set the column as a Unique Key.The tracking defect on Connect ( keeps receiving complains about the observed, undesired behavior. However, if you don’t just set the expression “right”, you still get the error.And people typically still hits this problem, even with the fix.I just figure 2012 is newer, and possibly better than 2008 -for traveling laptops.? thanks again for all your help, Paul I do think that SSMS is the cause for your issues, it is a scenario that I have run across a few times before.

When the desired change was run via "vanilla" t-sql it worked fine.

also, do you think it would be possible to use SQL 2012 express as subscriber to 2008 db?

(I had problems when I tried, but other factors may have been in the way) I expect all the compatibility would be set to 2008 for that db.

I can't find anything that explains how to control the synching from the subscriber.

I didn't mean that the data type change was desired, I meant that the planned reversal back to datetime should be done via T-SQL as opposed to using SSMS' "assistance".

In that case, validation will also trigger, and it will fail because of the reason explained above.