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That would not happen today, they would no longer turn a blind eye." Hana disagrees with his friend, however. But there was no leadership, no agenda for progress." This has begun to change after the Queen Boat trial."People are beginning to step forward." The trial itself is a sign of changes in the Egyptian establishment, said Hana.

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Horus became visibly distressed as he remembered the day he was detained. He put his hands all over me, and on my private area, and said that he knew I liked it this way and that I shouldn’t pretend.

Only very few — a small minority of a small minority — feel they can get on and identify themselves as gay publicly." Recently, however, arrests and trials of gay people have become a convenient way to divert media attention away from the ailing economy.

Horus told me that things began to get worse last year.

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‘Dangerous Living’: December 2001 Updated April 2006 Early evening in downtown Cairo, Egypt.

I meet two young men in one of the hundreds of coffee shops, replete with mirror tiles and sisha pipes, that litter the streets.

"I have to live a double life, a life of fear," he says.

Homosexuality has never been accepted in modern Egyptian culture, but in recent months State persecution of homosexuals has become more visible.

"They took me into a room, stripped me to my underwear and searched me," he recalls, "and then one of them asked me if I liked sex… He threatened to do things to me, to find a criminal record on me and keep me there for weeks. The doorbell rings and I think the police are coming to get me.

The other officers watched and laughed while I was humiliated." Horus was so frightened by the experience that for some weeks afterwards, he was afraid to even leave his home. I can’t bear everyday life anymore, I’m scared all the time and I can’t do the work I want to." Being gay in Egyptian culture is difficult enough without being persecuted by the State. "Many gay men have a girlfriend as a front, or even get married.

"At least they are now acknowledging that we exist, if only to persecute us.

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