Discerning priesthood dating

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Discerning priesthood dating

I’m really at odds with both of these questions, and I want to pray and discern in case the guy asks me out. So the bad news is that unless you’re called to marry this specific guy, you probably still won’t know for certain whether you’ll be called to marriage later in life if the two of you do date and end up breaking up.

It was TERRIBLE and completely traumatizing and life shattering for his ex.

orate: --- Quote from: cgraye on August 27, 2009, :pm ------ Quote from: orate on August 27, 2009, :pm ---As others have tried to tell the men, women are not like men.

I agree that men and women are different, especially when it comes to emotions, but men no less become emotionally invested with a girl they are dating.--- End quote ---You are correct.

He was constantly struggling with the fact that he thought he had a vocation.

SO, after about a year, she had enough, and told him, "Go to the seminary, give it a shot, or we break up" so he did. They dated again for a few months, then he decided to go back to the seminary.

Canadian Catholic: --- Quote from: cgraye on August 27, 2009, :pm ------ Quote from: Canadian Catholic on August 26, 2009, :pm ---OK!

So one of my very good friends was dating this girl for like 2 years.If both of those requirements are not met it becomes an "unnecessary" occasion of sin.Our catechism teaches to avoid ALL unnecessary occasions of sin. I agree wholeheartedly with WRC that you need to get spiritual direction from a good priest before even considering dating.Go to the seminary first.--- End quote ---What SSPX priest would allow you to get married after only knowing someone for 6 months, especially when you have just gotten out of the seminary?Any priest would know that's a recipe for disaster.--- End quote ---They knew each other their whole lives, their families were very close, and they grew up as very close friends.She moved away for a little while, and happened to come back while he was in the seminary the second time.