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The issues around dating, attraction and sexual attraction have inspired researchers and artists since the beginnings of mankind.

I also felt that they were quite conservative and limited from my point of view. Certain level of courage and open mind are necessary prerequisites for exploring this website. Sexual intimacy: techniques, ideas, and tips I learned over the years to become a knowledgeable and giving lover and partner. Human sexuality: Things that keep us from achieving sexual abundance and happiness and how to overcome those.Relationships: Among other things, I will talk about relationships and the possibility of opening them up.Relationships, sexuality, and conscious living are undivided whole.All parts are interconnected and having a healthy relationship means being a self-sufficient person with high self-esteem who consciously chooses whose life s/he wants to enrich.I’m smart, kinky, wise, emotionally aware, and a […] Name: Colleen Is it bad form to tell someone you can tell their profile photos are old?

Last week I received an email from a man on OK Cupid.Knowledge that I share here - empowered me and my loved ones to build extraordinary levels of intimacy and sensuality.You will find here a whole range of specific subjects from dealing with jealousy and infidelity in relationships to discovering what good foreplay really means along with some astonishing revelations on female sexuality.Under this – rather ironic – article headline, I will summarize the results of relevant studies and research – and continuously expand and update this collection as soon as there are new findings.But beware: I’ll not guarantee for the plausibility – or especially success – of any of these hints!This page is a list of resources to help those around survivors of gendered harm begin or continue learning about good ways to respond.