Dating jesse metcalfe

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Dating jesse metcalfe

Metcalfe is known for his portrayal of John Rowland on Desperate Housewives.Metcalfe has also had notable roles on Passions and played the lead in John Tucker Must Die.

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In 2005, Metcalfe won the "Choice TV Breakout Performance: Male" award at the Teen Choice Awards for his role on the show.

In February 2010, Metcalfe was cast in the NBC crime drama series Chase.

The series centers on a fugitive-apprehension team based outside of Houston, Texas who track down dangerous criminals.

Metcalfe made his final appearance as a special guest star on the show in October 2009.

In July 2006, Metcalfe played the title character in the 20th Century Fox comedy film John Tucker Must Die.

The film and Metcalfe's performance received mixed reviews and went on to make over ,824,526 worldwide.

To promote the film, Metcalfe hosted an episode of the British TV chat show The Paul O'Grady Show in October, due to O'Grady's being unwell.

Filming took place in Los Angeles the following month.

The film suffered distribution problems and suffered numerous push-backs.

That same weekend, the duo also celebrated Santana's 31st birthday. "I like to think that every time I have gone shirtless or gotten naked on camera was substantiated in the script," he said with a laugh.

Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor and musician.

He dropped out of NYU once he booked the part Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the soap opera Passions.