Dating in pittsburgh

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Dating in pittsburgh - speed dating mt pleasant mi

Susan Haas When Susan Haas flew home to Pittsburgh after having lived in Florida for a few years, a man on the plane warned her about dating prospects here."If you're moving back to Pittsburgh, honey, and you're going to be single, that's not the place to be single," he told her.

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The Pittsburgh Zoo is always a good place to get to know someone and you can go see the dinosaur at Carnegie Museum of Natural History.Meet all kinds of attractive Pittsburgh singles at Single Pittsburgh.Finding available men and women around town shouldn't be a hassle.She's not into the bar scene but still finds plenty to do around town from going to the opera to kayaking. C., which is very attractive, and it's a refreshing change of mentality," she says. You just have to keep an open mind and get out there and meet people." Favorite Pittsburgh singles hangout: No particular hangout, but she has done some activities via Meet, which isn't a dating service, but a Web site where groups of people meet and coordinate group activities ranging from art gallery crawls to sporting events. She does volunteer work with a local gay organization when her schedule permits."People are really down to earth here." Name: Beth O'Brien Age: 29 Neighborhood/city: Squirrel Hill Occupation: Legal secretary Why is Pittsburgh a good place for singles? "It's a way of meeting a lot of people, not necessarily to date, but you make friends and get out a lot and meet people that way. However, many in the city's gay community are still closeted and the city's gay social scene is very segregated and most of the gay bars are holes in the wall, she says."You won't have a young kid looking for fine cabernet." Beth O'Brien Beth O'Brien moved to Pittsburgh from Washington, D. If you're going to have any alcohol you have to plan very carefully.

C., after visiting friends here and discovering she really liked the city. I've met a lot of people, and I'm dating and it's great. "There are no cabs, which is weird for a singles scene [compared with D. Kind of dampens spontaneity." Kathy Homziak Kathy Homziak has had a difficult time meeting people since her partner died 12 years ago.Why isn't the Pittsburgh-area a good place for singles?"I am gay and I think this city is so Republican and archaic it's terrible to meet people." Favorite Pittsburgh singles hangout: Doesn't have one, but does enjoy going to the theater, jazz clubs, the ballet and other dance concerts. KDKA-TV is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Pittsburgh to give you the best Pittsburgh has to offer.KDKA-TV is part of CBS Television Stations, […]Welcome to NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA on!Worst Pittsburgh dating hang-up: "It's just really sad here. Name: Tom Bellay Age: 42 Neighborhood/city: Moon Occupation: Insurance company business analyst. Worst Pittsburgh dating hang-up: "I just don't think the bar scene is a good place to meet someone." What could be done to improve the dating scene?