Dating a gemini men

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Dating a gemini men - bestonlinedatingwebsite org

Start by frequenting the right places which, in this case, means bright, intelligent gatherings.A Gemini loves to talk and more likely than not, you will find him the proverbial life of the party.

Dating a Gemini guy is being on a roll for most of the time. Today he may whisk you away to a rollicking time at a country dance festival while the next day, he may turn up in a black tux for an evening of Beethoven’s performance.However, at the same time, you need to keep up with him or you stand the risk of losing him to a constant need for change and variety.Read on to know what it is like to date a Gemini man and how you can have a relationship with him.Little wonder then that this sign is ruled by the planet Mercury who in Greek mythology was the quick-footed messenger of Gods.In addition to possessing a quick-silver wit, a Gemini guy is also fast on his feet and nimble with his hands.While a Gemini is fond of talking, it is not merely idle chatter with him.

He is witty, intelligent and curious to know about people and places.This is an indication of his extremely social nature and you would do well to go along with the flow instead of being jealous of his considerably large female social circle.If you want to attract a Gemini guy, be sure to brush up your general knowledge.So if there is a flat tire that needs to be changed on the middle of the road or a movie that starts in just fifteen minutes, you can be sure that your guy will get you there.On the other hand, a Gemini may also suffer from burn-outs and at times leave a task midway.The mix of yin and yang in them also makes him more flexible and adaptable in nature which is a refreshing change if you ever have been bulldozed by typically Taurus obstinacy.