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Wrote monograph on Scots Local Cancellations [1911]. Bequeathed his collection of philatelic literature to Aberdeen University.

At Radcliffe Observatory 1881-90, and later at University Observatory. Collaborated with CWE Coles in study of transfer-roller flaws in France 1931 2fr 'Arc de Triomphe'. Active in founding the first PCGB, Manchester 1909, for which he obtained special postmark from Postmaster-General.

They appeared at the Thames Police Court in 1892 on charges of forging stamps and of conspiracy. From 1937 received international awards for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Danish West Indies, Greenland, and Faroe Islands.

The three became known as 'The London Gang', and were reported to the police by The Philatelic Protection Association. President of North-West Federation of Philatelic Societies.

Began with WD Beckton the practice of accumulating sheets and large blocks to solve questions of plating and settings. World renowned for his work on Great Britain stamps, and for which he gained international awards, including Grand Prix, London 1950. Also had collections of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Assembled extensive collections of Manchuria (14 vols), Eastern Turkestan, Tibet (with complete sheets of 1912 issue), Pakistan (including rare Peshawar handstamps), and Japanese overprints on Burma, Malaya, Brunei, and Sarawak.

A leading collector of stamps and postal history material of Belgium. Gave display, on invitation of Stanley Gibbons Ltd, at their Centenary Exhibition in 1956.

Chairman of Council, PCGB, and author of the parody on the Congress ''. Major part of his collection auctioned by HR Harmer Ltd 1977. Author of an Illustrated Catalogue of British land and freshwater shells, and a Historical Numismatic Atlas of the Roman Emperors. In 1888, Benjamin and JH Sarpy opened a shop in Cullum Street, where they marketed fakes and forgeries, mostly provided by the engraver GK Jeffryes. Presented PC Bishop Trophy to Philatelic Federation of South Africa, of which he was President. Instrumental in establishment of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. Partner in the 1880s with Frederick Bannister, as stamp dealers of doubtful reputation in London. Hon Secretary IPU (International Philatelic Union) 1885. Co-author with Rev CS Morton and W Sayers, of ', and held that post until 1939. He and Sarpy were still trading in Cullum Street in the 1920s. Main interests were France (postal history), Guatemala (1902 issue, and later Waterlow-printed stamps), Great Britain (especially numbered cancellations), and Sweden. Held especially fine collection of France, being particularly interested in tête-bêche, and Bordeaux and Semeuse issues. Displayed 'hors concours' at London International Exhibition 1950. Given Medal of Honour by Copenhagen Philatelic Club for distinguished work in Danish philately. Author of 'A Concise Register of the College Messenger Postage Stamps, Envelopes, and Cards used in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge 1871-95, together with the stamps used by the Oxford Union Society 1859-85'. Benjamin, then aged 29, was sentenced to 6 months hard labour. Contributed to numerous journals on Scandinavian topics. Wrote, with GB Duerst, handbook on Greece [1897], and articles in ' [1936].

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