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There are hundreds and thousands of i Phone and Android apps on the market. Lucky for you, instead of downloading a bunch of apps you won’t use or that will simply take up space on your device, we narrowed down some of the best apps for Black women. A Black history app created by sister duo Kysha and D’Anna Mounia, the Quiztory app lets users “unlock the rewards of knowing your history.” Part trivia and part history, the multiple choice game is backed by the energetic voice of host Atllas, who wisecracking-ly guides you through each question before a seven-second timer expires. Available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 😃 #naturalhair #afro #blackhair #hairjournal #relaxedhair #texlaxed #hairdiary #black #blackbeauty #blackwomenwithnaturalhair #calendar #diary #twists #fro #hairjournalapp #journal #locs #lovehair #braids #natural #naturalhairstyles #naturalista #naturallybeautiful #blackgirlsrock #teamnatural #thickhair #loclivin #relaxedhairbeauties #hairjourney #healthyhairjourney A photo posted by Hair Journal App (@hair_journal_app) on Whether your hair is locked, relaxed, natural or texturized, you can track your hair growth and set hair goals with this app, developed by a UK team.While having so many app choices is a great thing (remember the “There’s an app for that” catchphrase? Most of these apps were created by Black developers with Black users in mind. They run the gamut from hair and beauty to Black history, entertainment, education, job recruitment and more. Quiztory also hosts a national competition of top players for students. The Hair Journal app also has a space for your own reviews of hair products.

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The Waterpocket Fold has tilted this geologic layer cake down to the east. There are more than 300 geysers, of which the most famous, Old Faithful erupts every 91 minutes. This Arizona park is 225 million years old, dating back to the Late Triassic period, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.While browsing over a bottle of Purity Vodka, she said "My boyfriend loves vodka." The easy on the eyes redhead had previously turned heads at the 2012 in a Alexander Mc Queen gown.Leading up to this year's infamous night, Chastain had also impressed at the Golden Globes in a Givenchy Couture dress and even sported a Jessica Rabbit-inspired look at the SAG Awards. This app may set an example that other non-tech companies can follow.Mother-daughter team Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons created Mixtroz to facilitate stronger social networks by bringing back in-person contact via technology.A photo posted by Cocoa Swatches (@cocoaswatches) on The Nollywood film market is one of the largest in the world.

Now, you can enjoy a whole host of Nigerian films and movie trailers with the Afrinolly app, as well as films from other African countries. Android coming soon and more updates are on the way!

My friends and my family are so important to me," Chastain told host Mario Lopez of .

The 35-year-old redheaded beauty was dressed to impressed on Sunday night festivities in Los Angeles, donning a copper-hued, strapless Armani Prive gown with red lipstick and vintage waves as she walked the red carpet without her Italiano boyfriend.

A report by the National Park Service has also looked at how several parks would be threatened by 1m (3ft) of sea level rise.

Centennial Find Your Park Ambassador and all-round science guy Bill Nye has warned that Glacier National Park is, "rapidly becoming Muddy Hillside National Park."He added: "Ultimately, it is what national parks can remind its visitors of that makes them so important.

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    Reacting more quickly to changes than at the end of the Boom, in the 1990s business and civic leaders in Fort Payne began to take steps to diversify the city's economy.

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