Are alexander ludwig and annasophia robb still dating

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Anna Sophia Robb: He's in another room, really (Laughs).I really enjoyed the film when I saw it in theaters and I thought one of the cooler parts about your character, Anna Sophia, was how you kept saying his full name all the time, 'Jack Bruno, you need to do this...'Alexander Ludwig: She does that in real life too, by the way (Laughs).

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You walk into his office and it really looks like a 12-year-old boy's because he designs his office around all these action figures and cartoons. We both really hope we get to work with him again, and we would in a heartbeat because he's amazing.

There's a blooper reel on the DVD so how much was Dwayne and everyone else just cracking you guys up on the set? I think all of the bloopers will be of us just laughing and losing it because it's so hard to keep a straight face on that set. Alexander Ludwig: There are some bloopers in there that are actually very embarrassing for us.

Before a scene, if it was a scene where we'd need a lot of energy and get really pumped up, I would do push-ups or do some jumping jacks or something, just to get my heart rate up, so I'm actually feeling what we're going through. The film did rather well at the box office, so has there been any sequel talk as of yet? Alexander Ludwig: We really have no idea, but we know there was talk of a sequel... Yeah, so hopefully the DVD's go well, because that's what will ultimately determine if there is a sequel.

Alexander Ludwig: Well, we had a lot of creative freedom on this project, due to the fact that our characters are, obviously, from a different planet and we really got to explore pretty much any qualities we wanted to incorporate in our characters.

We were really fortunate in that we got to be really creative and Anna Sophia and I just became so close while filming because we got this creative freedom that you don't usually get on other features, so we really got to work together and form these characters with a freedom you don't usually have on other movies. Anna Sophia Robb: I would definitely say that, I would definitely agree with Alexander.

And a lot of that is in the reel, but they would cut to the most ridiculous things where I just look like an idiot (Laughs). Anna Sophia Robb: Let's see how the DVD does first... Anna Sophia Robb: Alexander is dead in it (Laughs). I think Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery did horribly in theaters but it exploded on DVD and that's what made the sequels go, so we'll see what happens with this.

So do you both have anything else that you have lined up right now? You can see Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig as these precocious alien siblings Sara and Seth when Race to Witch Mountain comes to DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD combo set on August 4.

We just became so close and we will remain friends forever because, really, all of us, just formed a family bond on and off screen.

It was so cool to have them do a cameo in our movie and, actually, they have this little hint in the movie.

I was a huge fan of the originals and I just idolized these kids who were in the originals, Kim and Ike.

It was just cool being in the same position that they were in when they were little and it was fun to have them come back and do the cameo appearances.

Just being able to work with Andy was so much fun, just bouncing ideas off of him and Alexander and I became close, just trying to become brother and sister.

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