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Down bags are not good because they are ineffective when wet.

Kits are typically “personalized”, but all kits should include moleskin (for blisters), several adhesive bandages of various sizes, a few gauze pads, adhesive tape, and disinfecting ointment.(Some ultra light people do not bring any clothes except what they wear.) Each Buddy Team: Two-man tent (count the stakes) and ground cloth (optional) Group Equipment – Distributed among hikers Water filters – Water jugs/bottles/bags Stove and fuel bottles Large and/or medium cooking pots Cook Kit: spatula, serving spoon and/or utensils, measuring cup, camp suds and sponge, bleach, scrubber, Purell Stuff sacks for food Bear bags and rope (50 ft ¼” braided nylon rope, 50 ft 1/8” parachute cord, 2 ft 1/8” nylon cord) or Bear Canisters in some areas Repair Kit (sewing kit, small piece of cloth, safety pins, wire, pliers or Leatherman, superglue, tube, O rings for filter, rope, and more) Troop First Aid Kit (check it every hike) Permits, Maps, Medical Forms Pack List Weights in pounds No one should be carrying the “High Weight”.It is listed so you can see how much you can save if you are careful.Self-inflating pads are not good for Scouts because they can be punctured.A “backpacker’s pillow” is an optional added piece of comfort, or you can use your sleeping bag’s stuff sack filled with your fleece jacket and a tee shirt as a pillow case.Sleeping Bags are available in many sizes, fabric, fill, color, and price.

A bag in the low-middle price range filled with synthetic material is recommended.Scoop and toilet paper: A light weight plastic shovel for digging “cat holes” is required in wilderness areas.Store sufficient unscented toilet paper in a zip lock bag along with a small (2 ounce) bottle of hand sanitizer (“Purell”) for hand washing.Some backpacks are waterproof, but like a tent, the seams need to be sealed.Check your cover, or backpack, for “waterproofness” prior to the trek.Sleeping Pad & Pillow: A closed-cell type foam pad (e.g., insolite or the accordion style by Z-Rest work well) is good to keep out the cold and to preserve the sleeping bag.

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