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2gather dating site - silver hallmark dating

2is helemaal GRATIS en heeft op dit moment 4078 leden.


THEY HAVE BEEN KILLED LIKE DOGS WITH A BULLET IN THERE A*S. O here i mean all there claims about military might look at us people we have enuf manpower ,technology,willpower and resources that we dont showoff to kick anybody please forgive me for the repitition ANYBODY so forget pakistan bacche hain abhi....

JAWAD GO SUCK YOUR MOMS T**S THAT MIGHT BE HELP FULL BLOODY PAKISTANIS. hunmm,i m a pakistani,i know v well our status,right now we are truely in trouble,the reason,reason is only,world making us world nothing are plying with pakistan ll not take stability,world cant sleep well.becouse 17 cror people will be that cant be affordable for world,including india,amarica,and euoro.i m telling u ppls.remined it to be honest i have sympathies with pakistan as you know a single persons mistake results in humiliation and agony for others but lets come on the issue again we have enuf capability to take on any nation and believe me we dont showoff like the rest forgive me please im talking about N. all these paki are good for is married there on sister (i mean sister f****rs) i just cant belive somebody can f**k there on sister but i guess now i know paki can loll u guys a bunch a f****ng losser u guys dont have nothing better too do in ur f****ng life let india live in peace and bottom line is this (too all u sister f****rs paki) U GUYS WILL NEVER GET KASHMIR dream on and go have a s*x with ur sis or cuz u guys make me sick i fell sorry for u guys u guys live off state(usa) they give u money too buy food and u guys are so dume enougf too use that money aginst india , do me a fabour go buy a food and then u might grow some bowls going against india and i wish u they luck in ur dream those dream will never come true Abe, Madharchod AMi, Teri Ma ki chut, Madharchod Parwej Musaraf yadi teri maa ko mere pa*s nahi lata to kargil time me teri bhi gand chod dalta, woh to sukr hai ki teri maa ki chut mujhe mil gayee.

Let me tell something to you guys the stupid muslims ruled India and savaged the Hindus.

Even in the history the pig moguls hara*sed Indian Hindus and wanted them to convert Hindus into muslims this is against nature.

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